Key Staff


Ralph J. Tella, CHMM, LSP

Mr. Tella has a broad background of over thirty years of experience in environmental consulting including:  hazardous waste site investigations; property transfer assessments; quantitative risk assessments; fate and transport modeling; remedial action; laboratory analysis; quality control; and health and safety training.  He has been the Licensed Site Professional (LSP-of-Record) for numerous private industrial hazardous waste sites since 1993.  He has directed hundreds of site assessments and remedial projects since 1986.  These projects have included coordination and negotiations with legal counsel, lending institutions, and state agencies. Mr. Tella also served as project manager on complex technical issues including risk assessments and innovative remedial technologies.  He has characterized risk at sites contaminated with volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, PCBs and cyanide.  Many of these sites were classified as “priority disposal sites” in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  He has been a pioneer in the development of models to describe the partitioning of contamination from groundwater and soil-to-soil gas and indoor air, and implementing programs for accelerated bioremediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, ISCO, and ISCR.  Mr. Tella participated in the development of Massachusetts’s regulations and guidance as an appointed Associate Member of the Superfund Advisory Committee in the late 1980’s. He has also been a member of numerous work groups including; The Contaminant Specific-Coal Gas Subcommittee, LSPA Regulations Committee, and the Indoor Air Work Group.  In Rhode Island, Mr. Tella participated in the review and development of the Remedial Regulations of 1996. Mr. Tella is a master-level Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) in Massachusetts.  


Henry J.Lord, PG, Senior Consultant

Mr. Lord has over thirty years of experience in various areas of soil and ground water studies, hazardous waste investigations, and the characterization, design and implementation of corrective actions at contaminated sites. Previous positions have been with several major international consulting firms including projects at over 300 sites in 20 different states, Canada and Puerto Rico. As founder and co-owner of two successful environmental companies, responsibilities have included overall corporate, financial and staff management.  Prior to forming Lord Associates Inc., Mr. Lord has held key management positions with two major environmental consulting and service companies during their start up period. Mr. Lord is a master-degreed Professional Geologist, who has held many professional certifications and licenses throughout the United States.  


Oliver Leek, Senior Project Mgr.

As a Project Manager with over 20 years of experience in regulatory compliance and in the environmental sciences, Mr. Leek has performed multiple subsurface investigations including ground penetrating radar survey oversight, drilling oversight, soil and groundwater sampling, groundwater elevation surveying, and test pitting in Massachusetts and in other jurisdictions throughout the United States (including AZ, AR, CA, GA, MI, RI, SC, WA).     Mr. Leek has performed various remediation projects that include soil excavation, groundwater treatment, and chemical oxidation.  Mr. Leek has executed the installation and operation & maintenance of various remedial systems including soil vapor extraction systems, sub-slab depressurization systems, pump and treat systems, oil/water separators with subsequent granular activated carbon treatment, and various forms of light non-aqueous phase liquid recovery.  Mr. Leek is a Massachusetts certified Grade 2-Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. Mr. Leek has directed various underground storage tank removals under 527 CMR 9.000 and has conducted associated remediation, and prepared associated reports.  Where applicable, he has prepared 21J reimbursement submittals to the State of Massachusetts on behalf of various clients.  Mr. Leek has prepared various Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) reports including Immediate Response Action reports, Release Abatement Measure reports, Phase I through Phase V reports, Limited Removal Action reports, Activity and Use Limitations, and various classes of Permanent and Temporary Solution reports with appropriate Risk Assessments.  


Jonathon Puliafico, Senior Project Mgr.


Mr. Puliafico has over 27 years of experience as an environmental scientist, geotechnical geologist and geophysicist. As a Project Manager, he has successfully completed hundreds of environmental assessment and remediation projects in compliance with ASTM Standards and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Mr. Puliafico has implemented, managed and participated in numerous environmental and geotechnical projects throughout southern New England involving site assessments and remediation for industrial, commercial and residential properties, and emergency response actions. Environmental management of these projects has included all aspects of assessment and remediation from ASTM Phase I Site Assessments, comprehensive site assessments evaluating soil, groundwater and air, evaluation and use of remedial alternatives, risk characterizations, permitting, and landuse restrictions. Experience in remedial alternatives has included Monitored Natural Attenuation, bioremediation, enhanced reductive dechlorination, groundwater injection, pump and treat, dewatering, excavation, soil vapor extraction, sub-slab ventilation, Environmental Landuse Restrictions, Activity and Use Limitations, and engineered controls.  

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Pamela Glidwell

Pam is our office manager and specialist for 21J UST Reimbursement claims.